I tested Positive with Covid and felt…

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Thursday I went for Covid testing and waited for my results to come back. I did the At Home and Rapid testing and both were Negative Thursday. Piece of cake?

🤒It just hit me Wednesday afternoon. I could barely stand and my cognition was not up to par. I felt the Covid & Flu symptoms. As if I was going to die (a bit exaggerated), but certainly felt my weakest and vulnerable Self. Saturday finally the wait is over, and the PCR result came in and… Positive… 😲What?!!!

TBH with myself, I was not disappointed, but certainly felt relieved. I want clarity to the feeling and experienced I’ve had. I was so ill and felt immobile to even take a shower and brush my teeth. Such a paradox that the day I felt better (tho not 100% recovered), was also the day it was affirmed I’ve got Covid for the first time. HAHA!

9.11.22 with Covid

I took a photo of myself today, 4 days since I’ve had covid symptoms. Now tell me, does that beautiful Woman look like she is ill? I have no make up on for real! Welcome to 40 lol 🥰

✨My highlight is about the Intelligence and Innate Wisdom of our body “to heal herself.” Yes, I refer to my body and The body as a feminine masterpiece, the earth Goddess. She knows what she needs and how to heal herself, repair, and restore.

At the onset she told me to fast. IF (Intermittent Fasting) is part of my lifestyle. I don’t have a strict diet in that I do still want and eat pizza, ice cream, and chips from time to time. I don’t deprive myself, nor do I punish myself when I do. Sometimes food are my escape, momentary relief, a pleasure (that’s for another time).

But when I felt my weakest and worse, not knowing how to feel better, my body knew. I clearly heard my body say, “Just lay down and sleep and I’ll do the rest.”

😴DEEP SLEEP is how she heals. Seeing my ketones today is an exhilarating feeling. It is addicting knowing that my body knows how to switch from glucose energy to ketones.

HEALTH IS A PRIORITY! You are the FIRST Priority! 

1.) How are you feeling today?
2.) Have you had Covid?
3.) How are you Keeping Yourself + Health a Priority?

With Embrace, FLO

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