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HEARt Energy Intuitive, Authentic Self-Expression Coach, Dream Interpretation, Intuitive Healing Facilitator, Energy Channeling, Manifestation & Tarot

Clairsentience is the ability to sense the subtle energies that surround you, as if the environment and people you come in contact with are sending secret energetic transmissions. Those who are clairsentient are able to pick up and feel the mood of the room, tuning into past, present, and even future energetic possibilities. Clairsentients have excellent instincts and are able to spot the general energy of people and situations instantly.

Hey you, Curious One… if you are seeking support with your spirituality and/or communication with spirit guides, need an energy reading for yourself, life landscape (past, present, potential future), intuitive wisdom, dream interpretation, channelling and mediumship, energy collaboration, and guidance, you’ve come to a safe place.

I love these avenue for my Authentic Self Expression.

It’s also a great way for initial connection before exploring other collaboration and co-creation opportunities such as Intuitive Empowerment Coaching with Homecoming to Self, Self-Discovery, “Flow State” Authentic Self Expression, Leadership, Manifestation, and Entrepreneurship.

My readings provide a positive, expanded, and higher perspective, potential, and possibilities on your situation. I tune into the Energy of the HEARt and from that place harness other energy signals I pick up, both in the spiritual and physical realm to support your heart’s desire. I focus on best potential outcome for you to experience.

The Energy of the heart emits the greatest of all chakra (energy centers of the body), bridging the spiritual and physical realm. The Muscle of the heart is the strongest of the entire body. The heart is the safety and strength of your being.

I choose to release light, life, and love into my expression and creation. I personally do not focus specifically on who or what I am connecting to (i.e. spirit guides, angels, animals, nature, ancestors, other sentient beings and dimensions, God, Universe, holy spirit, etc). I welcome all that desire the best potential outcome for you and contribute to your optimal experience.

I AM light, life, love, ONE SELF with the Universal Intelligence that connects as all. Therefore, I only channel that through me. I trust my divine nature and Self, The Divinity around us all, and choose to remain connected to the Universal Consciousness.

Readings can take between 5 mins (short 1 card pull) – 25 mins (in depth-landscape spread).
Phrase an open ended question in this format (WHAT or HOW).
I don’t read tarot cards for yes/no answer or focus on giving a specific name, date, or place.

I’m a writer by nature, love words, and create with words. I express my articulation best by sending you my readings via email.

Ready to collaborate and co-create BEauty?
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Flo took my question with great care. She went extra miles to make sure she understood my question before continuing with the tarot cards. And the reading was right on. Flo’s advice to my current situation is invaluable. It is exactly what I need to do at this point if my life! It calmed myContinue reading “Y.”


Flo did a card pull today and the message had me blown away in a nice way – I’ve been feeling off for the past few days , like stuck between a rock and a hard place not knowing how to proceed with a couple of things and the card pulls were so on pointContinue reading “Carmel L. (3)”

Carmel L. (3)

Amazing dear Flo thank you for giving me this reading. It touched my heart. Your reading beautifully resonates with me..  much love and light to you. OMG this is so deep. I read it the second time and I get a deeper understanding. Soaring like an eagle surveying the land knowing myself yet keep inContinue reading “Bayan Q.”

Bayan Q.

#Mediumship– You did amazing yes, my mom had dark hair curly hair and wore glasses. We were extremely close. I think we must have shared other lives together due to how close we were. I always had family celebrations at my house, still do. It’s just my kids and I now because all of myContinue reading “Vallie L. (3)”

Vallie L. (3)

Thank you for my reading and letting me know that some of my difficult times I’m really going through now are for a purpose and they will turn out the way it’s meant to be. You are a great reader, bless you.

Christina G.

Wow, wow, wow! What beautiful messages. My soul is smiling! Thank you so much for this incredible gift! I’m grateful and inspired! 


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