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Clairsentience is the ability to sense the subtle energies that surround you, as if the environment and people you come in contact with are sending secret energetic transmissions. Those who are clairsentient are able to pick up and feel the mood of the room, tuning into past, present, and even future energetic possibilities. Clairsentients have excellent instincts and are able to spot the general energy of people and situations instantly.

Home to SELF is the place to be for 2022.

I see you!

Welcome to the beginning of our connection and Thank you for following how your HEARt is leading you.

I am a Heart Energy Intuitive Reader, Reflective Creator, Women Authentic Expression and Confidence Coach, Speaker and Educator of Flow Authentic Expression lifestyle, Discovery of SELF Podcast Host, and Homecoming to Self storyteller. 

I am Here to support you in your Homecoming unfolding.

  • I help empathetically hold space WITH YOU so that you can unfold effortlessly in your FLOW AUTHENTIC EXPRESSION. 
  •  I help redefine your relationship with Self and deepen intimacy, creating inner dynamic that will bring out your Treasured Self from within.
  • I use my gifts of creativity to help you discover those key insights that can radically change the quality of your life. 
  • I bring forth inspirations that can bridge the gap of the you today and the version of you that you desire to experience in your present reality. 
  • I co-create language to enhance your inner experiences, to invite embrace, exploration, embodiment. Ultimately, Authentic Self-Expression so that you experience the resonance of your beauty with Confidence in flow.

My passion is to create magical moments that shifts your awareness in powerful ways.

I PRE-QUALIFY who I energetically support with coaching. I believe in true emotional and energetic match to experience satisfaction on both ends of collaboration.

To begin the matching process, please take “SELF on a Get Away”, a 22 Days Intimacy Engagement with yourself. The access to this getaway is $22.

My style of Energetic Coaching Support isn’t for everyone, but the 22 Days Intimacy Engagement is a transforming energy and an emotional gauge to witness if we’re a match for this Potential Collaboration. If my work resonates deeply after experiencing me through this approach, then the consideration process for me begins if supporting you at this time is the next invaluable step to our connection in a way that is supportive and effective to the both of us. 

I curate an experience for you that is welcoming, embracing, supportive, and inviting. So that you feel seen, heard, acknowledge, and witness in your beautiful homecoming unfolding. 

I don’t resonate with goals and effort, instead intention and flowing from true authentic Self-expression, desire, and passion moment by moment. This allows for truth to arise intuitively. 

I believe that when you are truly feeling safe, rested, and Home to SELF then… 

sky is not the limit, nor the heavens, but as far and high you are willing and wanting to go.” 

In the meantime, I encourage you to continue to feel into my energy and yours when you are engaging with me through my AUTHENTIC EXPRESSIONS, content, poetry, blog, video, podcast, energy, and tarot reading. 

I look forward to witnessing the organic unfolding to our connection, when our energy and timing is in alignment for the both of us to explore together. 

When you are ready, Message Me the word: HOMECOMING to begin the pre-qualification and take the 22 Days Intimacy Engagement, SELF on a Get Away $22

With Embrace,


How do YOU approach and express YOURSelf With Confidence?


What is your current relationship with Self feel and look like?


What is your RED DOT? Start Here…

Thank you Flo. very clear to me what you have said. Plus also your advice in what I see I have to do to show my POI that I trust etc. wise.. Flo really tells you how it is and not what many other advisers do tell you what you want to hear. Till nextContinue reading “C.8 (purple ocean)”

C.8 (purple ocean)

What I most valued or appreciated about this tarot reading is the speed and communication. Overall, I rate your reading 3 stars. The reading gave me some insights into my situation and was slightly helpful to me. I would absolutely recommend you as a Tarot Reader to others!

B. (biddy tarot)

#DreamInterpretation– Thank You Flo for my dream interpretation. I have to say you are very correct. I am on a spiritual journey. I am starting to feel a shift. As of now I don’t know what that shift is or what it means. But I trust my spirit guides in knowing that it is for my betterment. I doContinue reading “Suchita V.”

Suchita V.

#Coaching– I think you were correct saying I may be bored, since I am already. My spouse likes to tell me I’ll never work again, so that’s why that was the question. I appreciate you letting me know it’s truly up to me. What you said was exactly how I feel about it, I secondContinue reading “Vallie F.”

Vallie F.

Thank you for your time and energy. i resonate with some of the readings. The feeling of being stuck and taking care of everyone and at my own house go is what resonates with me always doing for everyone and leaving myself out not knowing if I’m coming or going.

Greta H.

It all resonated. The card meanings seem to flow into one another. I found the message very validating to me. Is that too selfish? 

Nisha M. K.

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