Frequently Asked Questions

Entire MONTH OF MARCH, Spring Break 2023

WE ARE CLOSED FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH OF MARCH 2023 FOR REST SCHEDULED 4 X’S A YEAR. See you in April. Visit Our Community Page for details on our upcoming LIVE ONLINE EVENT. Take Care of YOU and Be Kind to Yourself.

Do you have a physical location for your business?

[ edited: 01.11.23 ] At the moment, NO. The majority of the services I offer and business transactions are done online. I only accept psychic reading orders and coaching through my personal website here , I currently do not offer in person psychic readings and coaching. I am active as a vetted advisor on Purple Ocean App as an alternative medium to book a paid reading with me. At the moment I am logged in and available online on the weekends.

The phone number on your google business profile 773-850-2220, do you pick up?

[ edited: 01.02.23 ] Since most of the questions asked on the call is FAQ, I do not. My website is always updated and if there isn’t anything here for you, then that is a service that I do not offer. We aren’t a True Client-Advisor Match at this time. For collaboration inquiry & business opportunities please visit our Collaboration page to express your vision.

I need to ask you a quick question, how can I do that?

[ edited: 03.01.23 ] CURRENTLY TURNED OFF.— I am available via Google Chat through my google business profile Mon-Thurs 10am till 3pm CST. I will respond within 24 hours during these windows. We are CLOSED during ALL major U.S. Holidays. You have to access the Chat via my Google Business Page Only.

How long have you been in business?

My Coaching practice started Fall of 2019, Speaking Engagements Spring of 2020, Psychic and Tarot readings Fall of 2020.

Are you registered to perform as a business and provide services?

YES! I live in Chicago Illinois. Therefore, I have registered FLORENCE LEONARDO LLC with

What is Purple Ocean App?

It is a mobile app that you can download from IOS or Android app store. It is an online platform accessed via a mobile device. It is a medium for vetted Psychic Advisors to connect with Clients to provide Insightful Answers to a specific question and receive Psychic Advice. You can submitted an Order for a pre-recorded video or have a Live session when an Advisor is available at the time of your log in.

What is your affiliation with Purple Ocean and Purple Garden?

[edited 06.02.22] I’m one of the vetted Psychic Advisors on the platform since 2022. Currently this is the only marketed Psychic platform that I have partnered with to market my Psychic services. Aside from booking a private reading with me here through my personal website. Purple Ocean is from the same founder as Purple Garden. Therefore, I will be seen in both platforms at the moment.

How else can I interact and engage with you Live, if not in person?

[ edited: 01.01.23 ] I host a Monthly Live FREE Tarot Reading for my YouTube Subscribers once a month. Last Sundays 11AM CST. I’d love for you to join me there with the Psychic Community I am nurturing. You’ll be able to experience my animated version this way.

I am also on TikTok Live 5AM Chicago Time. No specific day when I come on.

Social Chats and Private DM, is this you messaging me?

I DO NOT INITIATE CONTACT ON ANY SOCIAL CHATS NOR PRIVATE DM. Scammers do exist, so be cognizant of your online engagement and participation. I only respond to collaboration or request for my service through my personal website,

My current Social handle is @flomysticyoutube ONLY at Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram

I submitted a request for a Paid In-Depth reading, but I have not heard back from you. Will you approve my request for a Psychic-Tarot reading?

I DO NOT RESPOND to all Psychic-Tarot reading request. I am intentional about who I serve on a deeper level. If you need immediate assistance then please seek out other Psychics. Otherwise, give yourself 3 days to make a decision and wait for me to feel into the resonance of our connection and your request.

***There is no guarantee I will respond and read for you.

I submitted a request for Coaching with you, but I have not heard back from you. Will you approve to Coach me?

I do not respond to all Coaching Support request. I believe that in any services, not only the Client’s satisfaction is a priority, but the Coach/Advisor. I feel into every request and respond to those I feel true resonance to work with.

***There is no guarantee I will respond and read for you.

Is there a Pre-requisite to be considered as a Client for you to Coach?

That is correct! The 22 Days SELF on a Get-Away INTIMACY ENGAGEMENT is a pre-requisite for consideration to receive coaching support from me, but its not a guarantee.

Is there an option to meet you in person?

[ edited: 07.22.22 ] I love this question and desire. At this time, NO. Especially due to Covid-19 still present in 2022. I do envision a nearing future event. I’d love to be able to host an in person live reading soon. In the meantime, please do signup for my Newsletter to receive updates to my upcoming Events.

What are your most current project released or in the works?

[ edited: 07.23.22 ] Thank you for asking. As I have turned 40 😉 I started the journey to my Autobiography. I desire to release the book before I turn 41 in 2023. Currently I have Self-Published 2 books since 2022. Poetry and Reflection books. I’d love for you to pick up one or both in preparation for my Autobiography. Also, a 5 star rating on Amazon will definite support me and help others get in touch with my creation.