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Thank you! Such an amazing reading 💕

K. (purple ocean)

Guys to tell you the truth, I loveeee my insight with Flo Mystic. She’s authentic, direct, trustworthy, understanding, patient, honest, very very accurate, and give not only guidance but a lot of details. And she quickly pick up on my situation. I’m speechless. Thank you very very much for honesty and your insight. Definitely IContinue reading “I. (purple ocean)”

I. (purple ocean)

 I feel really connected to what you wrote. I think it started to show, the connection we have, and we started to tap in to it, like building trust. I like the reading very much, I think it answered my question completely. More direct than I expected. What I most valued or appreciated about thisContinue reading “T. (biddy tarot)”

T. (biddy tarot)

#DreamInterpretation– Thank you for helping me understand my dream, it actually resonated a lot with me and my real life situation. Blessings! 

Callen G. R.

Flo your tarot reading for me was much needed and accurate! My grandfather passed a few months ago and my family has been in turmoil since. I am trying so hard to help my mom and nana and not lose the roof over our head and everyday has been a new battle so let’s meContinue reading “Heather M.”

Heather M.

#DreamInterpretation– Flo made accurate connections to my dreams and what surfacing in my daily life. I appreciate her time thoughtfulness in getting to know me to provide an accurate reading.

Amber W.

Flo was a valuable member of the Menlo team managing the transportation management for Chemical account. Flo executed her job with outstanding customer service skills, great attention to detail, and organization. Despite working in a fast-paced and rapidly changing environment, she always maintained a positive attitude and friendly nature which had a strong influence onContinue reading “P. – General Manager Dyno Nobel Transportation”

P. – General Manager Dyno Nobel Transportation

Flo you have thoroughly answered my questions with added insight and warm advice. Beautiful reading. You completely gave me the information and insight needed to take action and move forward. You obviously out care and thought into your readings and empathizes very well with the person who’s asking for answers. I really appreciated you tryingContinue reading “A. (biddy tarot)”

A. (biddy tarot)

Thank you for guiding me to ask the best question and getting more from my reading. My tarot reading was great. Unfortunately I got more bad news this morning so my situation has gotten worse. But the reading should help me try stay Positive. My reading was so insightful and gave me alot to thinkContinue reading “C. (biddy tarot)”

C. (biddy tarot)

#DreamInterpretation– Before “I grew up” to be an adult, I wanted to make music that bring about feelings of love and peace to people, but that abruptly stopped when I got told I couldn’t play. Then I recently had a dream at night about playing beautiful piece of music on a piano until I realizedContinue reading “Paninnguaq L.”

Paninnguaq L.