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Flo wow, wow. haha spot on. I am sending you on almost everything was accurate wow thanks this is all more confirmation I needed and a sign we all are being so tested to go within and we have the keys to our clarity & answers we question ourselves on . But as awaken humans lol we areContinue reading “Debra R.”

Debra R.

Thank you so very much! It is an accurate reading. I always second guess myself and I’m wondering if this is what you’re talking about? I’m new to this whole psychic journey as well. Hope you’re doing well and thank you so much again. 

Megan R.

#DreamInterpretation– Flo did a dream reading for me and all I can say, wow! It was so beautiful how she was able to connect each thing going on that I would have never seen. Thanks again luv!

Megan C.

Flo did a card reading and why it all wasn’t what I anticipated it was still great to get some guidance on my path.

Meghan S.

#DreamInterpretation– It was very spot on with everything I was feeling. I will definitely come back if I have more vivid dreams as I always want to know why it felt so real.

Naomi M.

God has spoken to you. I have had the Spirit of discernment for years but I thought it was 6th sense because I never really paid attention to it. During the School of Prophets when Dano and Kris were teaching, it suddenly hit me that it was spirit of discernment. God gave me a wordContinue reading “Wazda.2 (prophetic community)”

Wazda.2 (prophetic community)

Great reading with lots of clarity and details.

V. (purple ocean)

#Coaching– Thank you for my message. I will definitely focus more and pay attention. I appreciate your guidance.

Danielle M.

#DreamInterpretation– Flo made accurate connections to my dreams and what surfacing in my daily life. I appreciate her time thoughtfulness in getting to know me to provide an accurate reading.

Amber W.

Flo Thank you so so much! I got the chills while reading through this. Definitely feels accurate to my current situation. Thank you for taking the time and having the patience to read the cards for me.

Madison D.