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#DreamInterpretation– Very much spot on with helping me understand a dream I had been struggling to understand, and helped me realize I didn’t need to be fearful but rather cautious. Very much spot on with everything, thank you so much for taking the time to help me.

Alyssa T.

So enjoy chatting and learning things about me and real life. thanks again flo. awesome.

C.4 (purple ocean)

#DreamInterpretation– Thank you so much for my interpretation. The feedback was spot on and extremely helpful. I am relieved that my dream is based on feelings and not on premonition. Thank you so much. You’re insight has helped calm my soul and I intend to take your advice!

Julia S.

You are absolutely spot on, I feel unease because I feel like I am going through a huge transition, it makes me want to turn back but I cant because I have changed, the people around me have changed too. So its not possible to go back. 

Stephanie J.

#Collaboration– I’ve had the absolute privilege of working with Florence and she far exceeded my expectations every time she did any project for me! She’s most definitely a person of excellence and it’s obvious that mediocre is not in her vocabulary, she’s not satisfied doing anything less than The Best. Florence is diligent, creative, time-sensitive,Continue reading “Dr. K. – Psychologist, Positive Outcomes”

Dr. K. – Psychologist, Positive Outcomes

Amazing reading. Highly recommended.

J. (purple ocean)

Wonderful very accurate. Thank you!

D. (purple ocean)

Flo thank you so much. You gave me a good laugh! (smelling like ashes). And all of your reading is accurate, I smell like ashes, I fight to the nails. Never gave up hope, and my faith removes mountains. Back to back experience isn’t something I’ve had much of ever. But it is true thatContinue reading “Brigitte”


There is SO much in this reading that I will read it again, but I must say already: thank you for your gift. On the first level, these words are clear, make sense and bring so much guidance. The second level is a hidden treasure I feel… Earth school. Something about education has been triggeringContinue reading “Magali B.”

Magali B.

#Coaching– Florence was wonderful to work with! she is in such high spirits and very connected to who she is! She truly made this a wonderful experience and a heart felt one as well!

Rebeka M.