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Flo your tarot reading for me was much needed and accurate! My grandfather passed a few months ago and my family has been in turmoil since. I am trying so hard to help my mom and nana and not lose the roof over our head and everyday has been a new battle so let’s meContinue reading “Heather M.”

Heather M.

Hi Flo  Thank you for choosing me for a mini Read. I’ll work on the guidance you have given me – to feel joy and content in the given moment. I trust my desires will come to fruition soon and until then I’ll work on my inner self more. thanks once again!! Love and light.

Suchita V. (2)

#DreamInterpretation– Thank you for clarifying ray dream. I do understand now that you said it was my passed son who it was about because I had lost all of my immediate family already & he knew his kids would be devistating to me who had just began to get through the progress of all theContinue reading “Vallie L. (2)”

Vallie L. (2)

Thanks for the reading. Based on what has happened withing the past few weeks, u were right about no romance forming with this person. I chose to let go. Thanks again for the insight.

Jamila T.

#Coaching– You were a great coach for me! I learned a lot! Thank you very much!

Paola S.V.

#Collaboration– I had the pleasure of working directly with Florence.  I was able to develop a strong relationship with her that allowed me a deeper understanding of her character and abilities.  Florence is someone who I can trust.  She is a persistent, hard-worker and will get the job done well. Florence’s ethics allow all whoContinue reading “Lyndee”


Flo This was really beautiful and resonated a lot. Thank you! I love what came through as validation of the past and present, and furthermore I really love and aspire for the future as this is something I have been becoming aware the last couple of weeks! Thank you. Your reading was very accurate inContinue reading “Rositsa V.”

Rositsa V.

Thank you so much for the help I couldn’t have asked nobody else to do me a reading knowing how uncomfortable I feel with talking about my past. You helped me out so much. I do hope to get more readings from you in the future.

Sera F.

from past situations and I’m expecting it to be a continuation of problems. The cards are really accurate descriptions of our demeanor as they are currently. It just makes it clear to check for intentions while enjoying the present and I think for me to do a reality check for what is imagined fear versusContinue reading “J. (U.S.)”

J. (U.S.)

Flo, WOW!!!! Thank you SO much. This feels spot on and resonates in my soul. I got confirming chills while reading it. This is your gift. Thanks for taking the time, holding the space and allowing this message to come in for me. I see you and appreciate you! Much Love.