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Booyah, this is so good. A little extra insight that’s blowing my mind – One of the very first things that marks the beginning of my spiritual shift was a reading from a psychic – the card she drew for me was a tree that was framed very similarly to “Bearing Fruit.” So seeing this tree now,Continue reading “Sonja A.”

Sonja A.

As I hear your name, I feel like you are a fragrance, perfume. God has revealed so much to you, and whenever you talk or write you go deeper and reach even what most people feel challenging to talk about or share about the Kingdom, in other words God has enabled you to touch evenContinue reading “Wazda (prophetic community)”

Wazda (prophetic community)

#Coaching– Flo oh thank you so much so so relevant! I’m going to share with him and see what comes of the discussion. You’ve affirmed a few things for me, I do feel the past is holding me back to completely allowing myself to feel the true present situation. We do seem to both beContinue reading “N. El B.”

N. El B.

#DreamInterpretation– Before “I grew up” to be an adult, I wanted to make music that bring about feelings of love and peace to people, but that abruptly stopped when I got told I couldn’t play. Then I recently had a dream at night about playing beautiful piece of music on a piano until I realizedContinue reading “Paninnguaq L.”

Paninnguaq L.

Gifted, Good Readings,

Y. (purple ocean)

She was very compassionate and a great listener.

D. (purple ocean)

The reading was spot on and insightful. I know the things I need to work on, and the reading just cemented those things for me. Thank you!

Mary A.

Thanks Flo. getting what you are saying, will carry on with everything and believing in myself and the positive outcome it will bring. And you hit the spot am a very positive guy, but am nervous indeed as don’t want to mess things up.

C.6 (purple ocean)

Flo thank you for doing a reading. I do feel stuck currently. I dont know what to do regarding my relationship. Its been alot this last couple years with my ex that passed unexpectedly and alot with current partner and health and everything has haulted and im just stuck. So everything you said makes senseContinue reading “Jackie M. (psychic journey)”

Jackie M. (psychic journey)

Amazing reading. High recommended.

J. (purple ocean)