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FLP #158 | I Tested Positive with Covid and I felt.. Discovery of SELF

Two years with Covid surrounding the atmosphere and finally it caught up with Me in my intimate space. Who would've thought it would even catch up with me since it has been years that it hasn't? I wish I could say I was disappointed. Blog THIS IS ME #40years Autobiography Support for MIA (Mental Illness Awareness): Tarot Reading Podcast Subscribe on YouTube  Have a Drink With Me Connect: Coaching: Community: — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
  1. FLP #158 | I Tested Positive with Covid and I felt..
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  7. Intro to: FLORENCE LEONARDO (short video on Spotify)
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  9. FLP #151 | RECOVERY is part of the Process
  10. FLP #150 | Trust your PROCESS

Continue on the path of The Discovery of Self,
YOU are the Treasure!”

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