Heart Energy Intuitive Reader

Tarot & Oracle Reading, Dream Interpretation, Energy Channeling

Here I AM, and there you are.

I see you!

I’m delighted WE connected in this space, to be present with each other, and to experience each other’s presence today.

I have always been intuitive and reflective before I can even comprehend my intense felt sense of my connection to the unknown.

At an early age, I was perceived by my family as a child who is too sensitive. I appeared odd and problematic. I was not welcomed or invited to express what I was feeling. Therefore, I learned to shut down my authentic feelings and rejected my innate sense of Self. With that, closed myself off to my intuition, energetic gifts, and spiritual insights. Ultimately, turn off my connection to the unknown.

Thank goodness it is only a perception.

It has been a 3 decade journey of Homecoming to Self. Now I’m rested in who I have evolved to today and feeling safe dwelling in my sacred body temple. Healing from: ACE, insecure attachment/adaption, birth and childhood trauma.

I love how mysterious dreams are and I find so much pleasure interpreting them authentically. In 2020 I started exploring my connection to the unknown & my intuition through reading tarot, oracle cards, and energy channeling. And for a decade now, have been prophesying the best potential outcome for others to engage with and experience. It’s been a joy and pleasure to express myself through these medium.

Besides reading energy & tarot, my simple pleasure also include reading & holding a book, nature walks, deep restorative sleep, regulating embrace, bubble bath soaking, breath embodiment, and crafting poetry. I love the healing experience through spoken words. I’m fascinated with the simplicity and intricacy of a well written message that is sensationally felt, creating worlds.

iFLOetry.com — to experience my collection of poetry

“The beauty of humanity is in not in knowing that I am beautiful nor lovable
Paradoxically, it is the abstract of this art that requires depth from the one that chooses to behold, admire, adore, and love this masterpiece called humanity
Humanity is beautiful just the way he is
Came from the earth, made from dirt
A clay that is molded in the way that I perceive him”

~(except) This Masterpiece called, HUMANITY

I’m excited to meet you and co-create an experience with you through connecting with your energy and reading your tarot cards. Your heart’s desire is of value. Thank you for sharing them with me. It’s my honor to hold it in this space with you and with care as we perceive the best potential answer for you to experience.

With Embrace,
FLO “Heart Energy Intuitive Reader

The Energy of the heart emits the greatest of all chakra (energy centers of the body), bridging the spiritual and physical realm. The Muscle of the heart is the strongest of the entire body. The heart is the safety and strength of your being.

I enjoy reading tarot and oracle cards primarily to connect with others to support you in walking your authentic path and to encourage Self-expression.

I feel although we can often relate to one another’s sharing, our path is unique, and our story is authentic to us.

I love reading tarot to expand my awareness beyond Self. Even if I have not experienced a similar path to yours, I have the ability to perceive a myriad of potential for light to shine forth from your situation.

I believe the best answer that will support you is within. YOU are the source, Treasured One!
🔶I do not read tarot for yes/no answer (close ended question)
🔶I prefer an open ended format: What or How
🔶I support my reading by integrating all aspect of Self: spirit/energy, human, primal (intuition, intention, instinct)
🔶I believe we can see both the dark and the light of the situation
🔶There is always the best potential outcome to experience
🔶We create our reality with our perception
🔶We always have at least 2 choices

My intention for connecting with you through reading your tarot cards is to be of an emotional support to your specific need during this time.

I won’t be relatable to all, but I will resonate deeply to most. I strongly believe that resonance is of the true expression of the depth of the connection.

If this is for you… Thank you for inviting me in this close.

YOU are the Treasure!

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