iFLOetry, Love of Poetry

I’m trusting in love’s existence apart from my awareness and desire to engage in any given moment.

That Which Is Greater
not perceived, but felt.
not an investment, but an embodiment.
not earned, but given freely.
not lost, but presence.
-- What is Love?

I’m simply trusting that my body finds safety with you
my soul feels at home, rested, serenity, gravity
I’m pulled towards you and I cannot resist
nor am I wanting to withdraw

The beauty of humanity is not in knowing that I am beautiful nor lovable 

Paradoxically, it is the abstract of this art that requires depth from the one that chooses to behold, admire, adore, and love This Masterpiece called, Humanity 

This Masterpiece called, Humanity
I’m tossing and turning on my bed
The pain is enormous and 
the suffering is unbearable
I cannot see clearly through this fog 
that penetrated my room
How did it get here?
I want out but I feel stuck
The doors are shut
It was my strength that chose 
to take hold of it
It has now taken over me
--New Heart

A true hidden treasure
A gem in it’s own class
It outshines
trading talents
Worthy to be admired

The Beauty of Simplicity

I AM astonished by this beautiful flower that sprung up almost unnoticed on this travelled path. But my light couldn’t avoid nor ignore the treasure this ONE is. 

The Light Travel
Communication is the door to vulnerability
Vulnerability is the bedroom for 
dormant discomfort
Discomfort is the invitation 
for deeper intimacy
Deeper intimacy is the habitation 
of love affair at rest
Discovering the depths of Divinity and Self
Which are embedded in 
an intimate friendship
Caught up in the bliss of 
simplicity and delight
At the heart of enjoyment breeds fruit, 
pleasure, and fulfillment of promises
-- Journey Through Intimacy

So everyday lets choose to walk each other home
in the safety of The HEARt.

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