“The heart leads us to a Connection,
the body feels the energetic resonance of the Chemistry, and
the mind witnesses the unfolding of our Compatibility.

…it is just the beginning.

For only when DESIRE is welcome into the space created,
that manifestation of LIFE is Experienced in Bliss.”

Hey you. Here you are, as I AM!
Welcome to this space to co-create an energetic experience with me.

Because energy is always present, you can choose to Connect with my heart even without me physically being right next to you to experience me, Self, you… we are ONE SELF.

I AM, a reflection of YOU.

Now that is fascinating!

Your perception of my energetic presence creates a Chemistry that is felt in your body as a resonance. Either a confirmation of that which you prefer or an affirmation of what you do not. Nevertheless, your perception is what you experience at any given moment even now.

When energy vibrates with each other, your mind seeks clarity if I AM, indeed someone you want to know more, learn from, and witness the unfolding of the Compatibility of our life experiences.

Am I right for you at this time, in this moment? Am I in alignment with your beliefs, philosophy, theory, perception, need, and most importantly, your desire?

A Connection is inevitable. For the heart always leads us to connect to people, places, phases in our lives. The question is, “in what points do we want to connect?” Chemistry is felt in the body when creations resonate with each other simultaneously, “I AM, is YOU!”.

Compatibility best serves us when we are intentional with the match. Other times we say, “well if it fits, it fits, right?”

Ultimately, it is “The Inner Lover” that we want to introduce in the space called… DESIRE. For only when you truly know and is in-love with your desire that there is no room for questioning, but resting in the LOVE you already know. This is fulfillment.

The feminine energy of the heart, she is the authentic treasure.

Flo wow, wow. haha spot on. I am sending you on almost everything was accurate wow thanks this is all more confirmation I needed and a sign we all are being so tested to go within and we have the keys to our clarity & answers we question ourselves on . But as awaken humans lol we areContinue reading “Debra R.”

Debra R.

Thanks for the reading. Based on what has happened withing the past few weeks, u were right about no romance forming with this person. I chose to let go. Thanks again for the insight.

Jamila T.

Thank you so much for taking the time and energy to look into my situation, I loved all your possibilities:-) hope they come to be! Thankyou for the card pull and guidance. I’ll take it all on board and let you know when prince charming comes along! Thank

Lindsey R.

Flo was gracious enough to pull a card for me. I feel very fortunate and appreciative that she was drawn to me to pull a card. When I read the information she shared and looked at the card pulled I knew exactly what she was speaking of and it related very much so with currentContinue reading “Brittany D.”

Brittany D.

Thanks so much for the card pull- I could relate and you were right on point. Appreciate the time you took to do the card reading for me.

Carmel L. (2)

I see you as a teacher but maybe more than that, an instructor in the Prophetic. It seems you are already doing it. I think your heart sees someone struggling to understand and you by nature step up and help.  But I see you at a book signing or a speaker. You are a jewel,Continue reading “Rachel”


#Coaching– Flo thank you so much for taking the time and effort to respond there is a lot of information for me to take on board to believe in myself and appreciate what I have.

Mandy S.

Miss Flo. Thank you for my reading. It actually really resonated with me. This gives me very good hope for my future. Thank you Miss Flo for taking your time for me. I will be reaching out for more assistance in the future.

Megan J.

Spot on! I appreciate you taking the time to give me a read. Thank you so so much.

Angie B.

#Coaching– Thank you so much, your words are reassuring and comforting. I love when you said to let butterflies and birds to come bursting out of my mouth. And that my gifts are always with me and not hoard them and they won’t be taken away. I will use my gifts because I am theContinue reading “Anna”


Welcome Home!

The Inner Lover...
Her gentle strokes of my ego
When I'm facing what I thought is The One that will fulfill my pursuit for this momentary happiness 
A true test of my Divinity
This conquest I am treading 
The uncharted water I am exploring 
Connection, Chemistry, Compatibility
Now isn't this felicity? 
Yet in all of my seeking, fitting, and matching 
I'm realizing isn't enough
The Passion of my Humanity is tried
For I cannot force a treasure to manifest to reality 
I can only witness, embrace, romanticize, and make love to the Inner Lover called... DESIRE
Only then, that the authentic expression of her feminine beauty is seen, heard, felt, known, and received 
To experience her energy that is, was, and always presence, and already present 
Within One Self...  

Copyright Florence Leonardo – All rights reserved