“The heart leads us to a Connection,
the body feels the energetic resonance of the Chemistry, and
the mind witness the unfolding of our Creation.

…it is just the beginning.

For only when DESIRE is welcome into the sacred space, that manifestation of LIFE is Experienced with PASSION and Bliss.”

Hey you. Here you are, as I AM!
Welcome to this space to co-create an energetic experience with me.

Because energy is always present, you can choose to Connect with my heart even without me physically being right next to you to experience me, Self, you… we are The ONE SELF.

I AM, a reflection of YOU.

Now that is fascinating!

Your perception of my energetic presence creates a Chemistry that is felt in your body as a resonance. Either an affirmation of that which you prefer or a confirmation of what you do not. Nevertheless, your perception is what you experience at any given moment even now.

When energy vibrates with each other, your mind seeks clarity if I AM, indeed someone you want to know more, learn from, and witness the unfolding of the Compatibility of our life experiences and creation.

Am I a match for your energy at this time, in this moment? Am I in alignment with your beliefs, philosophy, theory, perception, need, and most importantly, your desire?

A CONNECTION is inevitable. For the heart always leads us to connect to people, places, phases in our lives. The question is, “in what points do we want to connect?”

CHEMISTRY is felt in the body when creations resonate with each other simultaneously, “I AM, is YOU!”.

CREATION unfolds when we are intentional with the match. Other times we say, “well if it fits, it fits, right?”

Ultimately, it is “The Inner Lover” that we want to introduce into the space. For only when you truly know and is in-love with your desire that there is no room for questioning, but resting in the LOVE you already know. PASSION, he is activated by her… DESIRE.

This is fulfillment. Sacred love within ONESELF. Divine Romance. The Inner Lover in YOU.

so DESIRE, The feminine energy of the heart, she is the authentic treasure.

Welcome Home!

Copyright Florence Leonardo – All rights reserved