Flo thank you so much. You gave me a good laugh! (smelling like ashes). And all of your reading is accurate, I smell like ashes, I fight to the nails. Never gave up hope, and my faith removes mountains. Back to back experience isn’t something I’ve had much of ever. But it is true that I’m blessed atm. Spiritual awakening – yes.. I see them more often. And I do as I want atm. Or.. I do as I can do is more correct. And the part of that type of energy I’ve been prepared for. Not to lie and try to speak the truth as much as possible.  And thank you for your tip. Funny thing is that I tend to focus a lot on the binding between earth and my crown these days. So I will keep doing so till I feel it’s enough. Thank you so much for your reading, I hope my comments are good so you’ll get a good experience back

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