Debra (prophetic community)

Florence,⁩ I just came through the invitation through you⁩ to  be still and go deeper in the Lord. I love the SIT (Soul, Intentionally Trusting) acronym; it really resonated because I had just done that a few minutes before. After joining with the Lord in (at least comparative) stillness, I opened my eyes to the clock time 5:55.

Then I read your word for my name. Again. Maybe the 5th time over the last 9 hours. And He showed me what was in it that I hadn’t seen before. What I had seen but not understood. And seen but not believed.

Florence, you delivered a word that spoke to my past, present, and – prayerfully – future. Per scripture, you have _called forth what is not as though it is_ (the mark of a forth-telling prophet). Thank you, beautiful Sister!

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