K. (purple ocean)

Just a delight to communicate with. The FIRST psychic on Purple Ocean app who is thoughtful towards the integrity of the reading (getting out of it what I want) vs time. Most psychics let me run off my mouth. She politely let me know I was running out of time & did not rush me at all, but it was important cuz she knew I couldn’t get more time.

It’s so important, cause some people cannot continue multiple reads and she gently ushers the reading to continue because it benefits the client. It’s just personal / integral quality that I found great! Her craft & ability to read on matters are Amazing. Also, if you cannot understand it she does help paint same picture but with other words, breaking it down better (while being real to the read/situation).

I really felt like it gave me clarity on my POI & the situation. Even words she pulled was phenomenal towards us. There isn’t any doubt in my mind she reads extremely well.

Published by FLO Mystic

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