Magali B.

There is SO much in this reading that I will read it again, but I must say already: thank you for your gift. On the first level, these words are clear, make sense and bring so much guidance. The second level is a hidden treasure I feel… Earth school. Something about education has been triggering me recently again, ever since Patricia Walsh-Collins reached out to me out of the blue and I watched her video about her “Earth school”… very nice and funny to see this theme show up here again =)

Published by FLO

I am intentional about the condition of the heart. “For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” The wholeness of the heart allows ​clarity of vision and an increase in understanding. The tenderness of the heart gives the ability to hear accurately. The affection of the heart affects every part of your being, spirit, soul, and body. You truly live the abundance of life by the condition of your heart. How is your heart today? Have you check-in?