I feel so overwhelmed! Spiritual father, and all that fatherhood figure, has been pointed out by prophetic people around my life a couple of times before. And it encourages me so much. Sometimes people at my workplace or parents in the school of my children suddenly they star to sharing like struggles with me and seeking consul. Thats crazy. 

Also came to my mind that I being told that I have a passion for fatherhood/fathering that I’m not really aware of that. I’m not telling all this to brag. I’m just not feeling like that at all. I don’t know if is false-humility but I’ll embrace that and no more hide it. 

And also I’m writing this down so you feel encourage with this feedback.

Published by FLO

I am intentional about the condition of the heart. “For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” The wholeness of the heart allows ​clarity of vision and an increase in understanding. The tenderness of the heart gives the ability to hear accurately. The affection of the heart affects every part of your being, spirit, soul, and body. You truly live the abundance of life by the condition of your heart. How is your heart today? Have you check-in?