Flo I’ve be so indecisive and idle for so long. I feel stuck not knowing what to do. Like, should I be the writer I’ve always wanted to be, or would that be a waste? And I’ve just sat here like a bum and done nothing, basically since college. I’ve turned my desire for creative writing into substitute teaching, which I’ve never wanted to do, but it has been a lot easier to get a job doing, and a lot less fulfilling. In fact, it’s miserable most of the time. I have made some great relationships with some wonderful students who I’ve watched grow up over the last eight years, graduate, and become wonderful young adults who will go far in life. However, I am not happy. It’s not what I want to do. 

With your reading, I’m going to pick up my laptop and start writing again. Who knows what will come from it? But, at least I’ll have something to show for my time than just sitting idly by. And the  PLAY card…I never act my age. I might be nearly 40, but I shall never act my age. I love goofing around and being as young at heart as possible. 

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I am intentional about the condition of the heart. “For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” The wholeness of the heart allows ​clarity of vision and an increase in understanding. The tenderness of the heart gives the ability to hear accurately. The affection of the heart affects every part of your being, spirit, soul, and body. You truly live the abundance of life by the condition of your heart. How is your heart today? Have you check-in?