Vallie L. (2)

#DreamInterpretation– Thank you for clarifying ray dream. I do understand now that you said it was my passed son who it was about because I had lost all of my immediate family already & he knew his kids would be devistating to me who had just began to get through the progress of all the other grief. Yes he told me it was sorry of an accident but he meant to shoot him in edge moment but regretted what he did after he had done it. I was only worried because I was worried it was a warning for my living son. He didn’t get justice either but my son takes the blame because I just told him to stay away from that boy when he had loaded guns (the boy was a bully to him, most of the time as he grew up). It totally makes sense 100%! I don’t have dreams that I can remember very much these days. Thank you so much for helping me get it, so I’m not so freaked out about my other son so much! Sending you love & Light! 

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