Missy K.

Flo thank you, those are beautiful interpretations.  Thank you for you time energy and support!  Very much appreciated Flo!! I think I may be holding back mostly because of weight gain lol I have been getting more in touch especially through this transmissions experience!

And organic is my preference but I’m open to any avenue! Lol And lastly yes transmissions is grounding me even more and my joy is also love!  So to answer your question, I can see truth in each of the cards!  Thank you! Was fun and different than when I see my psychic friend for readings.

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I am intentional about the condition of the heart. “For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” The wholeness of the heart allows ​clarity of vision and an increase in understanding. The tenderness of the heart gives the ability to hear accurately. The affection of the heart affects every part of your being, spirit, soul, and body. You truly live the abundance of life by the condition of your heart. How is your heart today? Have you check-in?