T. (Argentina)

My question was an open ended question and you cover all aspect of if. I like that you use the chacra card, this is the first time I seen it.
It was very good to have the past, present and future tarot card conect with other cards and see how they interact together.
I appreciate the combination of the cards. It give you a better understanding. I also appreciate the audio reading, is a much better connection that just the writing.
I was very happy with my reading but if I have to need pick, I will try connect the tarot cards with the lunar positions ( if this is the way to say it) a bit more. but just to mention something. 
Thank you very much!
Overall, I rate your reading 5 stars. The reading gave me a lot of insight into my situation, was extremely helpful to me and provided a lot of value! I might recommend you as a Tarot Reader to others

Jennifer L.

#ConsciousBreathingTraining– I really enjoyed learning about the box breathing. I found it easier to imagine drawing a box with my breathing. I really appreciate all the time Flo has put in to help us all. She has such a passion and such a peaceful personality that you can’t help but be excited and relaxed at the same time.

I do appreciate this as the session that I took was right on time as work/home life was getting stressful. The breathing exercises helped to relax me and is something I can use going forward.

Florence has literally always been there whenever I have reached out to her. She is not judgmental even in the slightest bit. Always asks how a particular situation makes me feel or what it makes me think. She has a wonderful way of helping me see things clearly.

Paninnguaq L.

#DreamInterpretation– Before “I grew up” to be an adult, I wanted to make music that bring about feelings of love and peace to people, but that abruptly stopped when I got told I couldn’t play. Then I recently had a dream at night about playing beautiful piece of music on a piano until I realized I can’t even play piano. I got Flo to interpret the dream and realized from her interpretation that I let that person (who told me I couldn’t play) dictate me on not to even learn to play a music instrument. With that realization, I feel empowered to learn any music instrument! Thank you so much Flo. I’ve always loved to listen to music and now I have the courage to learn and create music.

T. (Bulgaria)

You mostly answered my question. Some questions don’t have an exact answer. My reader didn’t tried to find an exact answer just to please me, she delivered what was given as information to her, which in my opinion is much more important than finding an exact answer to a variable question.
My reader focuses on each part of my reading in enough detail, after which she continues to the next part. Giving enough depth, which is needed in stucturing the answer.
I mostly appreciate the honesty of my Tarot Reader. My reading was an experience, which didn’t lack any truth according to the situation and wasn’t sugarcoated, so I can hear whatever I want to hear. your work is amazing and your voice is fascinating, you should be proud of that!

Michele D.

#Coaching– I would like Florence to know how much I appreciate all she has done to help me realize so much more about myself. After taking this course I find that my mind, heart, and soul are so much more aligned with each other than it has ever been. I truly do feel so much more healthier in my mind heart body and soul. Being able to recognize things within myself and the importance of myself I have been able to truly lift a weight off my shoulders. My emotional energy is probably at its highest especially after realizing that it is OK to make myself a priority.

Florence Leonardo was my coach and what I truly appreciated the most was that she allowed me to open up and truly express myself in ways I haven’t been able to before. My being able to do that allowed me to Open up to the experiences that allowed me to grow in so many ways.

Some of the things I will take away from this experience is the importance of making yourself a priority, realizing if you don’t open up completely you cant experience life completely. When you run into obstacles that you may struggle with try to think of them in a different format and change that negative to a positive.

One of the new things that I discovered about myself is how much I do enjoy expressing my feelings and putting them into the written word. How important it is to make yourself a priority and how good it feels when you can get your mind, body, and soul all working together as one.

J. (U.S.)

from past situations and I’m expecting it to be a continuation of problems. The cards are really accurate descriptions of our demeanor as they are currently. It just makes it clear to check for intentions while enjoying the present and I think for me to do a reality check for what is imagined fear versus what’s happening. What I most valued or appreciated about this reading is that it was very specific and you highlighted how I am the one empowered to move forward how I choose with the information given. 

J. (Portugal)

I suppose you ended up answering how I reach balance, but you also spotted without knowing that balance and harmony is what I really crave in general. I am a libra moon with anxiety so I have to make an extra effort in order to be completely calm. I also learned to accept that we cannot be all 100% balanced all the time since we are all human.
I’ve been thinking about getting a tarot deck, so I could have an alternative choice of divination, but I had already forgotten about it until I saw your video. 
In general, I believe that you allowed me to see more clearly what I could do. I do feel a major shift happening soon, but I never took it spiritually. More like something physical in my life was going to change. It might be both.
Your reading made me realize that I will start with shadow work first and then see, from the comment before, what I feel like I should do after that. Since the advice is creativity, I will put no boundaries and see what will pop up in my mind. I might do one of the things that I told you about, but I’m also open to trying something else. Changing also makes me a little nervous, but I’m trying not to be. The outcome for change will be my true challenge.
What I most valued or appreciated about this reading is … It did point me in a few directions that I hadn’t considered before and gave me an idea of what to try next and what has been lacking. Therefore, it has been useful. I think you’ve explained everything in a clear way even when it was not the clearest answer at first, but in the end everything was wrapped together and I’ve narrowed my options about what it could be.
I appreciate the fact that you’ve explained everything, the decks, what type of deck it was, if it was arcana or not. I feel that you were very patient with me while I could not fully point out what the problem was. Your energy was calm. I was only a bit lost with the last card at first and at the time I wished you had expanded a bit more, but now after thinking about it, I have an idea about what it can mean. Thank you very much for everything!

TJ.2 (psychic journey)

#Mediumship– Flo described my brother correctly. She picked up his energy but got him confused with a different name I gave her. George is my grandfather. My brother had everything she described. Whoever came through described my personality and I’m really feeling it was more than likely my brother. I feel he is with me often. Thank you so much for relaying his message it means the world to me. An I love you from so far away means more than words can describe. Thank you.