M. (purple ocean)

Amazing reading!!! FLO provided so much information and tapped into all aspects of the situation. It really provided a thorough understanding and helpful guidance around POI and my situation. I appreciated the helpful advice around what I can do to help allow things to play out in a desired way. Highly recommend. 

C.10 (purple ocean)

Awesome, loved the reading , very clear and looking forward to putting it all in practice. Thanks Flo.

C.9 (purple ocean)

Thanks Flo very clear and open as always, also thanks for your advice in what to do in coming weeks etc.

C. (purple ocean)

Amazingly gifted and super thorough reader. Went straight into the reading. zero sugarcoating and was super on point with everything.

C.8 (purple ocean)

Thank you Flo. very clear to me what you have said. Plus also your advice in what I see I have to do to show my POI that I trust etc. wise.. Flo really tells you how it is and not what many other advisers do tell you what you want to hear. Till next video Flo.

C.7 (purple ocean)

Wow Flo, can’t believe how you pick up so much, awesome really. like to thank you for your understanding in your readings. I really do see it and hear what you are saying. Thanks my number one advisor. Will be back.