Thank you for guiding me to ask the best question and getting more from my reading. My tarot reading was great. Unfortunately I got more bad news this morning so my situation has gotten worse. But the reading should help me try stay Positive. My reading was so insightful and gave me alot to think about. It was so detailed. You completely answered my question. And I’d like you to know that.

Rebeka M.

#Coaching– Florence was wonderful to work with! she is in such high spirits and very connected to who she is! She truly made this a wonderful experience and a heart felt one as well!

Michele D.

#Coaching– I would like Florence to know how much I appreciate all she has done to help me realize so much more about myself. After taking this course I find that my mind, heart, and soul are so much more aligned with each other than it has ever been. I truly do feel so much more healthier in my mind heart body and soul. Being able to recognize things within myself and the importance of myself I have been able to truly lift a weight off my shoulders. My emotional energy is probably at its highest especially after realizing that it is OK to make myself a priority.

Florence Leonardo was my coach and what I truly appreciated the most was that she allowed me to open up and truly express myself in ways I haven’t been able to before. My being able to do that allowed me to Open up to the experiences that allowed me to grow in so many ways.

Some of the things I will take away from this experience is the importance of making yourself a priority, realizing if you don’t open up completely you cant experience life completely. When you run into obstacles that you may struggle with try to think of them in a different format and change that negative to a positive.

One of the new things that I discovered about myself is how much I do enjoy expressing my feelings and putting them into the written word. How important it is to make yourself a priority and how good it feels when you can get your mind, body, and soul all working together as one.

Lairie V.

Thank you so much…that really helped my confidence level, I’ve been going through a very painful dark phase in my life, like I’ve never seen…this really hits home.

Jennifer L.

#ConsciousBreathingTraining– I really enjoyed learning about the box breathing. I found it easier to imagine drawing a box with my breathing. I really appreciate all the time Flo has put in to help us all. She has such a passion and such a peaceful personality that you can’t help but be excited and relaxed at the same time.

I do appreciate this as the session that I took was right on time as work/home life was getting stressful. The breathing exercises helped to relax me and is something I can use going forward.

Florence has literally always been there whenever I have reached out to her. She is not judgmental even in the slightest bit. Always asks how a particular situation makes me feel or what it makes me think. She has a wonderful way of helping me see things clearly.

Dr. Lisa K. – Psychologist, Positive Outcomes

#Collaboration– I’ve had the absolute privilege of working with Florence and she far exceeded my expectations every time she did any project for me! She’s most definitely a person of excellence and it’s obvious that mediocre is not in her vocabulary, she’s not satisfied doing anything less than The Best. Florence is diligent, creative, time-sensitive, friendly, humble, and she has excellent communication and interpersonal skills. She’s an absolute pleasure to work with!

Diana O.

I felt every word as it speaks about my journey within me. I’m trying to grow spiritually and I know with that comes a lot of work, self-acceptance, and trust. This is confirmation that my years of hard work are paying off in this.

Aroma S.

#DreamInterpretation– Even though the reading was brief, throughout the reading, you were so encouraging and upliftings. It resonated with me a lot, which surprises me as I didn’t give you as much context, and yet everything was just put in place. Thank you for your guidance, it is much appreciated.