C.6 (purple ocean)

Thanks Flo. getting what you are saying, will carry on with everything and believing in myself and the positive outcome it will bring. And you hit the spot am a very positive guy, but am nervous indeed as don’t want to mess things up.

C.5 (purple ocean)

Ok, how do I start? Well it’s really simple Flo gives it how it is. Real honesty, no coverup, no making things up what you want to hear. She digs deep into the reading and gives you an outlook how it is. But also reminding a lot needs to come from yourself to make it possible. She sees things that has happened that you have forgotten. Which is useful to help and use. Thanks Flo. awesome will be back.

K. (purple ocean)

Such an amazing reading! So happy to connect with her. So patient and fast in providing excellent advice.

C.4 (purple ocean)

So enjoy chatting and learning things about me and real life. thanks again flo. awesome.

I. (purple ocean)

Guys to tell you the truth, I loveeee my insight with Flo Mystic. She’s authentic, direct, trustworthy, understanding, patient, honest, very very accurate, and give not only guidance but a lot of details. And she quickly pick up on my situation. I’m speechless. Thank you very very much for honesty and your insight. Definitely I will come back again for updates. Again thank you very much. Many blessings to you. Love and light. Highly recommend guys. You won’t regret it.

V. (purple ocean)

So quick and accurate via Chat. She read my POI like a book! So glad I read with her. Very good!