Omg I am so sorry that I am crying I really need to hear these words today. I received in my morning reading of Bible also Romans 12:2 and was praying about it. That no fear will stop me to do his will. Omg your words so encouraging me. Thank you dear Florence.

John K. – Continuous Improvement Mgr. CI

#Collaboration– In our most recent kaizen event, Flo proved herself once again to be an invaluable member of our team. Flo was sick as a dog, and she still made it in for the event. Just goes to show you how dedicated she is. The event was a major success and Flo made sure the after event action items and follow up was completed. I look forward to being an active part of her continued success in her Lean journey. I can’t think of anyone else I would prefer to be on my team than Flo. I can always count on her to get the job done.


As I hear your name, I feel like you are a fragrance, perfume. God has revealed so much to you, and whenever you talk or write you go deeper and reach even what most people feel challenging to talk about or share about the Kingdom, in other words God has enabled you to touch even the hardest of hearts and share God’s love. A perfume’ s lovely scent goes everywhere and permeates everything,). My dear sister – God is doing a wonderful thing in your life, you are and will do amazing things for God in many different places.

Your blessings will overflow so much that they will spill into other people’s lives. Love you and God bless!

Vallie L. (3)

#Mediumship– You did amazing yes, my mom had dark hair curly hair and wore glasses. We were extremely close. I think we must have shared other lives together due to how close we were. I always had family celebrations at my house, still do. It’s just my kids and I now because all of my family members have past. Thank you very much for your energy, you did amazing! Bravo! Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Stacey L.

Flo did a card for me and it just sounds sooo true!!! Life has been one of those big roller coaster rides lately… and to be honest it been feeling like I needed to change~ to give up … but this card confirmed that maybe all that I have done~ is finally going to bring a positive new harvest…that I needed to loose .. in order to gain!!! Overall… this was a great read and highly recommend her… I know for myself I’ll be using this reading to mediate with tonite to really set intentions and close out the 2020~ and wait to see what amazing comes forward for 2021.

Paul K. – General Manager Dyno Nobel Transportation

Flo was a valuable member of the Menlo team managing the transportation management account for Dow Chemical. Flo executed her job with outstanding customer service skills, great attention to detail, and organization. Despite working in a fast-paced and rapidly changing environment, she always maintained a positive attitude and friendly nature which had a strong influence on the team and was very much appreciated. Besides being a valued member of the load planning team, she added to the overall work environment by volunteering to plan our team building events that were extremely well organized and enjoyable.

Anyone looking to add a hard working, well organized, and friendly person to their organization should consider Flo.

Michelle D.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Florence Leonardo. When I first joined the group, I was new to the company as well as the position. Florence was the first to welcome me and said she’d be happy to help me with whatever questions I may have. She wanted to make sure I was well informed and understood all that was necessary for me to be the best that I could be in my position. As I began to observe Florence in the workplace I noticed her work ethics were very strong. She was very well organized, timely in completing her work as well as responding to questions and concerns from our Client as well as the carriers. At any time she would offer help if her co-workers were in need. Her spirit, in general, is very uplifting. I enjoyed working and learning from her very much. She would be an asset to any company.