Summer K.G.

#DreamInterpretation– I had a dream interpretation from Flo today and wow, that was an amazing roller coaster of amazing ness. She took her time, and was so patient with me. (I’m a chatty Kathy) Non-judgmental. Perfect readers etiquette. 

She connected to my energy and was able to interpret the dream on an in depth level that made so much sense regarding my life. Thank you so much Flo!

Paola S.V.

#Coaching– You were a great coach for me! I learned a lot! Thank you very much!

Carmel L. (3)

Flo did a card pull today and the message had me blown away in a nice way – I’ve been feeling off for the past few days , like stuck between a rock and a hard place not knowing how to proceed with a couple of things and the card pulls were so on point in terms of what I needed to hear in the moment and to provide me with perspective on what has/is happening right now. Thanks Flo. Am so appreciative of the card pull today.

William N.

WOW! all of the above resonated. Or basically, what you have spoken is the sum of or “in a nutshell” what I have found in my research over the past few weeks and also it is what I first intuitively perceive which caused me to initiate research. You have been a blessing and right on time! May blessings flood you with many showers of your preference!

Naomi M.

#DreamInterpretation– It was very spot on with everything I was feeling. I will definitely come back if I have more vivid dreams as I always want to know why it felt so real.


I see you as a teacher but maybe more than that, an instructor in the Prophetic. It seems you are already doing it. I think your heart sees someone struggling to understand and you by nature step up and help. 

But I see you at a book signing or a speaker. You are a jewel, I see a picture of you (like you see those pictures of authors on the back of books) and you are smiling and wearing white. Looking all relaxed with a pen in hand.

Macy O.

Thank you for your time and energy reading. I definitely need to work on self love. As I haven’t thank you!

Lisa C.

#DreamInterpretation– Thank you for my dream interpretation. You have given me food for thought with its meaning.