Depths of Beauty

Beauty is everywhere
The natural eyes don’t always perceive it, though it looks 
Searching, but cannot find for it misses the existence of the essence 

Beauty is present and in the midst of what is perceived, a chaotic world 
Beauty is depth and depth is in all

One may express, I desire depth and not all is deep
I’m not resonating, nor is all resonating with me

Surely that one’s individual experience is not very deep in its substance 
For we experience exactly how we perceive our current reality 

Another one may say, well how do I acknowledge the reality of my current experience and limitation 
And in the same breath, transcend this moment into the depths of the shore? 

Then I say, in beholding the divinity of beauty that is, was, and always present in the here and now
Not perceived by my natural eyes
And even before my mind can comprehend that which is at hand

When you SIT without expectation 
That is, Soul Intently Trusting
You can experience beauty simply being one with
One with the one which you admire, what’s in front of you, your desire, and beholding what’s unfolding 

Just as the more you experience pain, disappointment, fear, doubt, chaos
And what you may feel and perceive as an imbalanced current reality 

It is the more that beauty is unfolding at the very sight of your humanity, it’s depth for you, with you, and the depths of you

For the Depths of Beauty is in the depth of seeing you.

Published by FLO Mystic

Renowned Woman Leader of the Era of the Heart ♥️ "I'm intentional about the Condition of the Heart in Authentic Self-Expression." Hello from Chicago. I identify as a Mystic | Lover | Receiver | Creator | Psychic-Tarot Reader | Poet | Author | Educator | Speaker | Coach

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