Soul MATE Homecoming

The Soul Meeting A Transcendental Experience
with The One and each one
Union back to Oneness
Not conformity of identity, but Wholeness 
Feeling whole with each other, not finding Self in one another 
Instead mirroring the other SELF
Source Energy of Love and Fulfillment 
Lacking not a thing 
Seeing the reflection of me in you
I AM, is you
Yet, I AM IN LOVE with you 
For Love is you

I feel your essence 
The Divinity of your presence 
I AM engulfed in the present moment of my Humanity
My mind is witnessing the unfolding 
Where my heart has lead me to explore 
What my body feels now is the energetic resonance
of My Soul’s Homecoming to Mate

It’s never late 
Timing is of the essence as well as nonsense 
This meeting, merging, or mating is an illusion 
For we are never apart, never lost, not even found
Only remembering the energy of our genesis 
We always existed in each other, an expression of Self
I AM, is you
The Conscious manifestation of SELF is you 

But for what it’s worth in this blissful encounter 
This exploration of our divinity in the experiences of our humanity 
This perceived past, present, and potential reality 

I feel pleasure to have been found by you
I’ll never forget the day when I finally recognized
the one who’s energy has called my HEARt home to rest

Thank you for being present to take the time not just to notice me, but In-To-ME-See, intimately as your Soul MATE

I AM, Home in you!

Published by FLO Mystic

Renowned Woman Leader of the Era of the Heart ♥️ "I'm intentional about the Condition of the Heart in Authentic Self-Expression." Hello from Chicago. I identify as a Mystic | Lover | Receiver | Creator | Psychic-Tarot Reader | Poet | Author | Educator | Speaker | Coach

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