Here I AM.

2.22.22 MONTH Two, DAY twenty-two, YEAR twenty-two.. haha!

Here I am. Typing away on my MacBook keyboard. I’ve had a sip of my coffee this morning. I even got up early. SMH. gosh… too early for my routine. I did set the alarm for 2:22 am. I must have been too excited I got up, not an hour earlier. Oh no, a bit shy of two hours earlier. So I took the opportunity to get some vlog footage of me waking up, even showering lol, getting reading, hair did, using beauty products, make up on, prepping my warm cup of coffee and tons of pics. I know right!

This day is not a National Holiday, but there are a significant amount of collective beings and energy choosing to acknowledge this portal (ahh I just felt my body resonated with this truth at the onset of calling this day a portal, chills).

Portal eyy! This day certainly is a doorway, a path to some even most of us. There are beings exiting this planet at this very moment, there are Souls entering in to visibly exist this planet we call Earth. Change and transition, birth and death, awakening, rest, sleep and sleepless night are all taking place right now. Forgetting and remembering who you are, your why, your purpose, and igniting passion. Bonds made and broken, choices are being solidified, dreams and desires are manifesting into form.

What is, was, and becoming, will always be. The existence of that being is both now here, and nowhere. Feel into this, don’t reason it out. Energy exist before you make sense of it.

For me, this day is a day to celebrate my humanity. That is my purpose. It is why I exist on this beautiful planet Earth. I want to feel, I want to experience, I want to say “I have become a human being” and it is priceless. Human beings are rich. Not by silver or gold, but the myriad of experiences we can have. Not to attain or achieve, but to create.

Moment by moment, with every breath, we create, consciously or not we are creating with every thoughts, sensation, feelings, emotions, interpreting and making sense of our human experiences. Nothing is wasted. Even the shed tears, the pain, the hurt, the wounding, the travail, nor the trauma. Everything has a part to play in oneself, in one’s life.

When you perceive and feel that you are all alone, you’re not. Nor am I desiring to inspire or motivate you in this moment. I am here. I’m simply here with you. Existing with you. Here I am. There you are. I AM is you! We indeed are the ONE SELF. Crazy gibberish you say, lol. I hear ya.

Today, I know and am fully aware that I AM both the personality in this human body. As well as, I AM the loving and compassionate awareness, witnessing the ego I have built to this day so far. There is no shame, no guilt, condemnation, as if I should be anything other than THIS HUMAN BEING? No effin’ way man.

How about you? Do you feel you have arrived? Do you continue to value that you are a WIP “work in progress” really? Where are you trying to go? What are you wanting to be? When will you get there, achieve that? Hmm!!! Never ending storytelling of a human being who loves to till the soil, working with your hands, working hard, or hardly working, glorifying sacrifice, barely surviving.

When will you rest troubled Soul? When will you come home back to SELF?

When will you simply be enough? Today is the day Beloved-Beautiful Soul.

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Renowned Woman Leader of the Era of the Heart ♥️ "I'm intentional about the Condition of the Heart in Authentic Self-Expression." Hello from Chicago. I identify as a Mystic | Lover | Receiver | Creator | Psychic-Tarot Reader | Poet | Author | Educator | Speaker | Coach

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