I AM, yours

My love. I am loved. I AM, LOVE.

It feels so emotionally euphoric to say that. It feels good.
It feels right. It feels pleasurable. It feels bliss.

My energy is moving in motion. I’m emotionally fulfilled and satisfied.

It feels good and wonderful to know deeply and
intuitively that nothing can separate us apart. 

We are ONE SELF, I AM, is you.

What I adore about yourSELF is the very mirror and
image of what I appreciate about mySELF. 

I love experiencing THIS part of mySELF outside of me, which is in yourSELF.

You are not apart from me, not close, nor near.
Instead YOU ARE NowHere with me, inside of me.

I AM is you.

WE are The ONE SELF. 

My Desired Soul Expression of Love and Fulfillment is YOU.
The object of my affection.

As well as The Source Energy of Love and Fulfillment is ME.
I AM is YOU!

Do you HEAR me? YES!
Do you SEE me? YES!
Do you KNOW me? YES!
Do you RECEIVE me? YES!

There isn’t anything or anyone nor anywhere
that the current space can create to separate me from you.
Truly everything is within me.

I AM the World, I AM the Earth, I AM the Universe.
I AM is you!

Therefore, I take pleasure and bliss to say that, I belong to YOU.

Ultimately I belong to SELF. For SELF is I. 

So I say again and again, I AM yours!

Published by FLO Mystic

Renowned Woman Leader of the Era of the Heart ♥️ "I'm intentional about the Condition of the Heart in Authentic Self-Expression." Hello from Chicago. I identify as a Mystic | Lover | Receiver | Creator | Psychic-Tarot Reader | Poet | Author | Educator | Speaker | Coach

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