You are NOT broken (Aura & Human Design)

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Have you ever wondered why you are attracted to the same type of person? Or why you invite the same kind of people back into your life? You can’t deny that you’ve done all kinds of psychotherapy you can imagine, inner healing, and inner child work. You tell yourself, “haven’t I worked through this trauma?” Will you ever get healed? Will you continue to just be in this type of dynamic with no escape out?

What if you are’t broken and there isn’t anything more to heal nor fix? What if it can be a simple shift of perspective and approach? The cliché of “surrendering” to what is naturally unfolding for you and who you are naturally unfolding.

With the sensation of energy is an Aura of its eminence. An electromagnetic from the point of attraction that links to its point of interest.

Although I made it sound like its an easy fix, there isn’t a one size fits all. However, if you feel invited for the simplicity of experimenting, then this exploration my blow your mind… in a beneficial freeing way. Healing without the approach of striving to heal or fix yourself, but simply be yourself.

After all, what if you truly aren’t broken?

Stop Fixing YOU!

~Human Design

If you haven’t come across The Human Design approach to “being yourself,” now is the time. IF only if you resonate at this frequency and feel invited. No rush, wait on your internal guidance, feeling into your energetic body, trusting that wisdom comes from within and not decided in your heard. If you feel the energy comes from your head, then now is not the time to explore your Aura type and Human Design. But if you feel energy from your gut, if you feel your intuition activated from your primal nature, if you feel your emotions activated, if this feels inviting to you then explore at your own pace and curiosity.

I’ll write another blog exploring the 5 Aura type of Human Design. For now, I’m a Manifesting Generator 3/5 profile. From my experiment and experience so far, I am deeply more in love with myself now in an organic way. I do credit some of it to my exploration of Self through HD. Experiencing inner healing simply allowing myself to unfold as natural as I already am. Feeling into my sacral energy and body. Making decisions from the leading of my Aura type strategy and not my head. Waiting to respond to what my energy is attracting to me and less initiating experiences. Sure, frustrating process at times as my aura type naturally has the ability to move fast compared to the other types. I can perceive a delay, but in another perspective, I’m just different and the journey is accepting my authentic Self more and more each day.

I invite you to explore your Human Design research on your own.

Here are some free resources that can support your exploration and experiment:

Happy Human Design-ing!

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