Covid reset my health

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Yesterday was Day 10 of isolation since I tested positive with Covid. I was so confident I would not get Covid. But Covid caught up with me. I wish I can say I was disappointed. My truth is so far from it. I was proud to have gotten Covid. Covid reset my optimal health.

Now, covid isn’t the source of my health. But Covid certainly was the conduit of resetting my health. Today I just completed 72 hours of fasting. Also its the 10th day of my menstrual cycle. I am 40 this year and I’m learning about perimenopause. It is beneficial for Women to consider hormonal changes and the type of fasting that supports our womanhood. It is not ideal for us to fast the way Men does. Our body has specific needs.

This has been a monumental year for me.

Fasting is supported with Ketogenic diet. Covid isn’t supported with a low carb, “healthy” fat diet and fasting. Our body has innate wisdom and capacity to heal, repair, and restore. That is what our body is doing when we are in deep sleep, repairing. As well as during fasting windows where our energy is expend to healing and restoring as suppose to digesting our food.

With these information in my conscious and subconscious mind, I was ready even if I did not prefer to have tested positive with Covid. When Covid was detected in my body, immediately I heard my body say, “fast and sleep and I’ll do the rest to heal you.” I was in tears.

I felt so vulnerable with Covid symptoms 11 days ago. I felt ill, immobile, hurting and in pain. I couldn’t sleep, I was shivering profusely with high fever that lasted about 30 hours. Exaggerated, but I thought I was going to die and felt so alone. I had to trust the knowledge I knew about fasting, keto diet, sleep, and what I heard my body say.

My healing and recovery was extremely fast. I felt better on the third day. Not 100% recovered, but better. I can shower and brush my teeth. I can get off bed and sit up, even watch T.V. I felt my cognitive health was clearing up. When I can finally eat and had the appetite I ate my keto diet. Cruciferous vegetables, salmon, avocado, ACV (apple cider vinegar), LMNT electrolytes, and fat coffee. I did not intake any carbs that isn’t vegetable sourced.

I feel proud of myself and my body. I feel like a different person today. I do not feel hungry, I do not feel any cravings, I feel strong. I feel evolved.

Yes again I say, Covid reset my health. I am thankful to the surreal experience. It is certainly one thing observing people with covid, watching the news, social media, the report about deaths, and having the knowledge of what Covid is. It is another reality to have been intimately in close contact with Covid and Covid being in your system.

Have you tested positive with Covid and how did you support your body’s recovery?

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