Relational Dynamics

(2 mins audio listen on Medium @FLO Mystic) One of the greatest gem in human experiences on this earthly plane is the ability and the capacity to relate to each other. And how we influence each other during our relating.

Relational and Relationship Dynamics.
It is one of a kind experience in its own class. It does not have a beginning nor ending. Although human beings, we love to effort and strive. We want to measure our work and own our achievements. Take pride in our choices and decision. That is understandable and a must.

However, what I am realizing in observing myself and others is that relational dynamics changes all the time. You cannot perfect or master it anymore than simply being present to engage with the other human you are in dynamic with.

What is the goal of your relating determines your dynamic in that sacred space and time your presence have carved out for each other to experience.

There are many ways to relate to one another. Not that there are levels, but it can be perceive as stages in the depth of our relating. I don’t think it goes in this order either. But for my subjective experiences I like to lay it out in this way.

CONNECTION — it is the encounter, that initial look, smile, waving hands, nodding, winking, locking eyes, laughter, a hug, even a kiss, similarities of likes and dislikes, and crossing paths.

CHEMISTRY —is the attraction, the differences and duality pulling us toward each other, mental stimulation, “you’re not me and I’m drawn to how different you are” i.e. man and woman.

RESONANCE — is depth, the synchronicity of experiencing the world individually with shared language and perception before even exploring a relationship with each other or shared space, it’s energy, vibration, instantly feeling seen, heard, felt, known as if “we’ve always known each other.”

BOND — is the relationship of the relating, history, shared experiences, living lives together, walking on the same paths, promises, the vow, deepened emotional connection with allocated time, understanding of our differences, “I will show up for you. I am for you.”

COMPATIBILITY — is the matching of our lives and lifestyle being supportive to each other’s growth, maturity, expansion, evolution, dreams, passion, and desire. It’s not just fitting, nor working out. Not even the willingness to make it work… Instead, it is a fucking True Energetic Match. YOU ARE MY PERSON.

Often we get caught up in the connection aspect of the dynamic. Either we say there isn’t a connection, or we romanticize the connection forever. But a connection or the perception of the lack there of is simply the door to the experience we can have with another human being in our relational dynamic.

So choose how you want to relate and be present in your dynamic with your person.

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