A World of Many

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This notion that,

“Parallel Realities exist and co-exist…”

I was brought up in tradition. History of family beliefs past on from generations to a generation. That the world is not all good. There is evil. Some things you fight for and some, “it is just the way it is.” Destiny will fulfill itself. God is omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient. Jesus is Lord and will return to judge the living and the dead. You need to ask for forgiveness for your sins and be cleansed from all impurity of your heart. When you die your body decay and parts of you will live either in heaven or hell. Choose wisely where you end up in and live accordingly not to divert.

There is a part of me that seems to have mastered rebellion even in the womb.

Causing disruption in the behavioral pattern and order of the “shoulda, coulda, woulda” philosophy of living life. Persuading frustration, annoyance, hardship and even anger to those that encounter my presence.

I was a difficult child, my parents reflected. Why couldn’t you just be normal like the rest of your siblings?” Oldest of eight kids combined, I wasn’t the best role model. But I was A role mode. I knew full well how not to agree to anyone most of the time. Terrible two’s is what Americans call it as I witness and observe my 2 year old niece. I see myself in her realizing I learned to suppress my authentic NO’s to be accepted and to fit in.

The Holidays still stir grief within me.

Tho I haven’t celebrated most Holidays in about two years, I still feel some sort of discomfort during its time. Not because I’m wishing I have an intimate partner to celebrate it with and bring around town. I acknowledge and recognize most humans celebrate these dates. I finally do not celebrate and orient my life towards it, around it and for it. I feel that what’s authentic about the sadness I feel are the years when I chose to celebrate for others and not simply acknowledge and celebrate my truth instead.

We live in a world where even tho the voice of many seems the noisiest, the voice of one can be the loudest within.

Tho difficult to endure and bare even lonely at times, as long as we hear our authentic truth, it can be enough. We don’t have to give up our rights to believe whatever we want to have faith in. Believing in a deity doesn’t necessarily mean you’re believing on greater than if you simply believe in yourself. Believing in your truth. Walking your authentic path.

To those that rebel, whether to a policy, police, rule, and law or the family you were born into and the community that nurtured you, rebellion says, “YOU don’t see and hear you, more than others need to see and hear you.”

Everything is speaking to us. Wisdom is always communicating. We are surrounded with analogy, parable and allegorical stories. Your life is a story. You’re always telling us who you are. Interpretation is inevitable. We are shackled by misinterpretation but not constricted. You don’t have to explain. Let the world merge your story with theirs. Co-authoring your book of life.

It is what we do. 
It's not a crime. 
It's an art. 
It is a piece.

Our story doesn’t end when we struggle. Once again, our struggles is merely telling our story.

I’m not rebelling that’s why I do not celebrate the holiday you put much effort to prepare for and be ready. Enjoy. Uncomplicatedly, that is not my reality. It’s okay. In this world we call Earth, is A World of Many paralleled realities.

Mine exist as you are. I don’t have to conform. We can co-exist in
A World of Many

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