Life is meaningless

Did life happen to me, for me, or through me? Take your pick.

What do you desire to experience? Or shall I say, how do you desire to experience Self today?

I have experienced Self with intense pleasure, I thought my brain’s gonna explode, and that would be the end of my existence. HA, what a way to exit this planet? In like manner, I have experienced Self with enormous pain felt throughout my entire being that I’ve desired to call it quits. As you are reading this now, and yes, to my amazement, “still breathing and creating“… Here I AM.

“Life is meaningless. It is you that creates the meaning to your experiences and desire.

What I’m learning today as I write this Intuitive Reflection About Myself… is that the Life we experience is both the conscious desire in the moment and the subconscious comfort that unfolds. To experience the fullness of Life is to be present in the unfolding of Self in each experiences in the body.

Ultimately, what we perceive and receive, comprehend or not, the expression and suppression of our emotions, these energy are all felt in our physical body. Regardless who, where, or what is in the dynamic… the experience is Within Self more so than the appearance of the experience surrounding self or without. Certainly, it is both.

Take courage to choose your desired experience today, and in every moment of the life you are creating. Witness Self, embrace, and feel comforted in how you unfold in the body.


I will admit, I prefer to indulge Self with pleasure, and dislike when I’m feeling pain that I have a tendency to rush out of the experience, and suppress the embodiment of that moment. I value surrender, but I still resist the unknown. Fascinated about the integration of memories, and at times I would rather not remember. 

…I am growing in the AUTHENTIC SELF-EXPRESSION of Love and Fulfillment, and maturing in an organic affection for mySelf. Knowing that rushing my grief and healing is the last thing I need in my nakedness, but embrace. 

‘Just be here and hold me now…”

Some things doesn’t need to be fix, for some ones Soul isn’t broken. Instead, even for a moment, one perception, a look from within is that… “the heart is opening up even more if she allow herself to lean into the unfolding, and fully give into her present evolution.”

Today, there are so many things that I love and like, and in the same breath, so many that I don’t prefer or want to experience. Regardless what is before me, my deepest desire is to experience Self richly and fully expressed with every breath, and in every step I take as I continue to come Home to Self in each unfolding of my life’s creation. 

Almost 4 decades later of experiencing Self with the life I’ve created so far, whether that is divinely a conscious desire or often humanly my subconscious comfort…

I say today, “No regrets!”

Let’s begin to walk each other Home to Self…

Published by FLO Mystic

Renowned Woman Leader of the Era of the Heart ♥️ "I'm intentional about the Condition of the Heart in Authentic Self-Expression." Hello from Chicago. I identify as a Mystic | Lover | Receiver | Creator | Psychic-Tarot Reader | Poet | Author | Educator | Speaker | Coach

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