Witness Embrace

Standing, sitting, laying down
Yes, my feet are on the ground
Yet, I feel I have not landed 
To a place where I can fully rest
A dwelling my soul can call home
In the arms of the one I truly belong

I’m still longing
Yearning for a homecoming
Not in theory or a mystery 
Resonance that is tangible  
Not just in you nor in me
It is that in-between of our reality 
Something called chemistry

Together we create beyond a proposition
Sensation that comes in contact with my body
Suddenly, I become aware of my perception of what I’m feeling
Forming into conception of what is here and now
So I set an intention of what this ultimately all means to me

When all is said and done
As I Indulge my mind its lust for stimulation 
I’m still left with my inner experience of loneliness
It does not end 
And it really does not begin 
Not in me, not in you
Not even when I find and be with you

This longing for a dwelling place for my soul to call home
A place where I can finally feel that I belong
That I’m fully accepted just as I am
I’m realizing is the allowance for the Self I’ve conceived so far
To fully be expressed and to simply be

The Witness…
That which is the holding space for everything that exist
The illusion that I am creating something into form
Is simply my awareness to what already exist within
Forming as I witness to what is unfolding 
For what was, is, and blossoming 
Is only waiting for embrace 

Is the container for what exist to evolve
This is all of me today
Complete yet still becoming
Naked an unashamed 
Nothing is hidden but revealed
I was not who or what I was yesterday today
Nor will I recognize what or who I will be tomorrow
I’m constantly changing, transforming, becoming, coming

Homecoming, I am home
I am back where I’ve always belong
Here in the Witness Embrace
Seen, Heard, Felt, and Known
Received as I am
Allowed to bloom into being

The Witness Embrace
It is I for you, you for I
It always exist
It is Now Here
Where there is No judgment of what is present
Witnessing you and holding space
Embracing all of you that is unfolding

Published by FLO Mystic

Renowned Woman Leader of the Era of the Heart ♥️ "I'm intentional about the Condition of the Heart in Authentic Self-Expression." Hello from Chicago. I identify as a Mystic | Lover | Receiver | Creator | Psychic-Tarot Reader | Poet | Author | Educator | Speaker | Coach

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