Informed Consent

16 OF 30 DAYS (3 min audio read on Medium @FLO Mystic)

The information on this list I am consenting to as acceptable. 
I’m not asking you to comply if its inauthentic to you. 
However, If you want to date me and eventually be in a romantic relationship & life partnership with me, then I do need your consent before we can move forward

Delivery can sometimes be the all or nothing marker for moving forward with that which you are wanting to explore. How an opportunity is presented to you at times can determine if you will say Yes or No. I think it comes down to preferences. To some, short and sweet seals the deal. To others, the methodical process (tho supportive to one), can be overwhelming to the other.

Of course they matter.

Rebuilding and starting life over is a two edged sword. At one end it is a miracle and a mystery to be able to start over and be present in the unfolding of experiencing a new version of yourself. On the other end of that sharp edge is the painful communion with grief. Loosing what was all you knew and worked towards to, now is a ghost. Left with the memory of the past in the present. Working through the pain of reconciliation within yourself, letting go and moving on.

Unorthodox way of dating.
I use a formal expression of my Informed Consent. It is definitely intended for my conscious awareness more than it is formatted to other focus. Most men who has seen it (it has evolved to different versions) seems to have been taken a back, speechless, and overwhelmed. There are the few who instantly said, Yes and almost wanted to propose to me right there and then.

It seems to me that because it is written formally is what‘s surprises most.

I don’t see a difference if we are conversing about it and vocalizing it to each other face to face vs. reading it on an email or paper format. The delivery certainly is a preference and one version seems to be offensive than the other more socially acceptable way of getting to know someone.

I feel sad that my Informed Consent does turn away most men who seemed interested in getting to know me at first. But I am also thankful that my Informed Consent does weed out those that appear to be a potential “the one” from a true match life partner and lover.

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