I See You

19 OF 30 DAYS (2 min audio read on Medium @FLO Mystic)

These 3 words are transformative and transcendence.

I fell in love with Avatar 14 years ago when the first movie was released in 2009. I was young at 26 years of age. Rebellious. Ignorant. Naive. My Soul wasn’t awakened to the heights of the conscious awareness and the depths of emotional intelligence that I experience myself today.

I was limitless.

Not hindered by the sacred wisdom of knowing where my humanity is bounded, yet divinely safe. Instead, reckless in the expenditure of my capacity to explore whatever I can get my hands on and mind imagine.

I have been seeing a professional therapist for over a year now. She specialize in HSP “highly sensitive person” clients but not only. I was clear with my desire and intention for seeking her support at the beginning of our very first session, “I want to feel seen.” I look forward to seeing her today.

Our session is a Person Centered Therapy. She did not explain this to me to be the approach in our sessions. But as I pursue to learn about myself and follow a variety of professional doctors on YouTube such Med Circle, I learned about this therapeutic approach. I tear up as I recognize how beyond grateful I am for my therapist.

I’ve never felt judge in anyway by her. Never felt belittled or that she knows best. I felt honored, respected, safe, seen.

I saw Avatar 2, The Way of The Water this weekend. I would’ve wanted to have seen it in the company of another, preferably a lover. But that is not my current reality. So I took myself to see it and I saw it in the company of my presence.

I wasn’t as moved as I was when I watched the first Avatar movie. Many variables could be playing out to that experience and I’m okay not fully knowing. However, my emotions were deeply stirred and instantly at the scene and a few others when these 3 words were said and exchanged between characters.

I See You!
It is more than enough. 
It speaks volume. 
It speaks presence. 
It speaks depth. 
It speaks love.

I’ve experiences enough people in my life that displayed and reflected back to me how deeply they see me, present with my self expression, and embrace all of me. If I could prevent it at the onset I prefer to never again experience to be in the presence of another and feel invincible.

Looked at but not seen.

It hurts. To have a connection with someone and desire depth of resonance only to have to face the truth that its not possible. It will never evolve to a reality.

It’s painful. To have to let go of what could’ve been because it will never be.

I want to be seen. Each moment and for always. At times its a fantasy to imagine that there is a world where we always saw each other, is present with one another, and chooses to embrace often. But I wont stop believing as I’ve experienced bouts of its existence.

I’m thankful that my therapist along with 2 of my closest friends see me for who I am. At times very human in that I still do experience them not seeing me as I don’t always see them. I am at peace with that. But they are home as I feel welcome and invited to run safely to them knowing that I will be emotionally embrace and witness without judgement as I am.

One thing I know for certain is that, I have a responsibility to always See Me. Even when others do not. For those that do not, they aren’t worthy to experience the fullness of who I am.

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