This is 40 and Beyond…

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Lots to check off and mark on the book. I am thankful for doing the things I wanted to do for myself today. Some felt too much effort. Striving instead of motivated to do them. Subconsciously, like I have to perform to be able to say…

this is what I did for my 40th birthday.

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I imagined this day to be different than what I am witnessing of myself.

I do have people in my life, but I do feel lonely today.

I want a hug, I desired to be kissed, to be pursued, and embrace, to be seen, held, known. I want to make love with the one who has captivated my heart.

Sitting at the restaurant waiting for my meal, I am aware, I feel unsatisfied.

On one hand thankful for many things in my life. 
On the other hand, I also feel I haven’t experienced much of what I desired.

now at 40 years…

Far from ungrateful, but present to how I am unfolding.

I ate half my meal, I was hungry. Yet still, after my meal… unsatisfied.

Got my Starbucks free bday treat, didn’t even finish my grande drink… 
still unsatisfied.

THIS IS 40.. this is where I am today..

within myself, in all my experiences, being with my emotion, and feelings.

Now laying in bed. I feel exhausted.

My legs, my feet, my arms, my hand, my neck, my heart… they hurt.

All in all, THIS IS 40.

I am Present to ALL that is here.

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